Mentoring, Coaching And Facilitating


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Aspin Consulting are facilitators and mentors for projects, specialised programs and services

Here are some examples:

  • Facilitation of Reflective Teaching Practice at Alamein Neighbourhood Learning Centre
  • Facilitation of VET eLearning symposium in Brisbane
  • Facilitation of tenders and grant programs over many years
  • Dr Ronald Aspin facilitating the Post Separation Parenting Program at Lifeworks
  • Dr Ron Aspin providing facilitation services to Lifeworks Relationship Counselling for many years
  • Large focus group facilitation for Scope to assist several teams as they were to move into a shared building
  • Mentoring senior managers in issues surrounding eLearning and workforce development
  • Margaret Aspin was the mentor of 140 Flexible Learning Leaders across Australia
  • ReFraming the Future and Learnscope projects were earlier projects
  • Our team facilitated the PSA Vic ReFraming the Future project and Western Health/PSA Vic Learnscope project.
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