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Picture of Rachel a participant from a small business workshop run by Margaret Aspin

Let us provide your professional development workshops or design engaging courses for all your staff needs!

To view and book our available PD workshops with a broad range of topics such as ‘Reflective Teaching Practice’, How to win tenders, Managing stress in the workplace, Team building, Instructional design and more click on the ‘Book’ icon below.

Want something designed for you?

Our extensive experience with learning and development, and education and training in a broad range of organisations ensures we can design your course. Good design is all about making courses that not only are meaningful to adult learners and staff, but with clear approaches and outcomes. The course content needs to ‘stick’. The method used to make these courses is called ‘instructional design’ and takes into account adult learning principles and adult learning styles.

No one wants to or needs to be bored. No one wants to or needs to exit training without a clear pathway to be successful. A review of the training a few months later should not reveal it was a waste of money and time.

Off the shelf courses can be very useful in the right circumstances; however the best and most productive outcomes are found when the course is customised to the workplace and the learner in conjunction with you!

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