Project management of L & D, eLearning and other training programs

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We have extensive experience and skills in managing eLearning and other learning and development training projects. Consultants are able to be based at your site full or part time to ensure the project is well managed and administered. Typical projects may include the implementation of an eLearning strategy, a resource development project, analysis and reporting on a program in place, or working with staff to train them in skill areas around eLearning or other training.

Effective project management of eLearning and other training programs requires skill and experience especially when involving a reference group, steering committee and various stakeholders. Let our experience of over 20 years in project managing complex training, Learning and Development and eLearning projects assist you in achieving successful outcomes.

Managing projects to come in on time and in budget is not an easy task especially when your L & D workforce may be busy working on other key programs and tasks. Organisations often like to bring in an experienced short term project manager to help them through the process, without the long term commitment to a staff member.

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